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To reach a committee, contact Regency Management (email and phone number are on the home page)

New Resident Information Committee: The purpose of the New Resident Committee is to welcome new residents. They are provided with information regarding living in The Glen, documented that a copy of the rules have been given, and questions are answered. 
The Gate Directory is maintained by this committee. Gate Keys are issued by this committee. The committee is chaired by Betty Lauritsen.

Gardening Committee: The purpose of the Gardening Committee is to direct and coordinate the work of the gardeners; to maintain the landscape of all common areas. The committee is chaired by Patti Munoz.

The Glen Caring Committee:  This committee arranges holiday decorations, organizes social events such as our community garage sale and July 4th picnic.  The goal is to promote harmony and provide hospitality within The Glen family. The committee is chaired by Lindsay Munoz.

Architectural Control: The purpose of the Architectural Control Committee is to ensure any changes to property within The Glen are appropriate to the general appearance of The Glen, and accurately documented. The Board of Directors of the Glen is acting as the Architectural Control Committee.

The Glen's governing documents (CC&Rs) require association approval before an owner of a separate interest may make a physical change to the owner's separate interest (e.g., patio enlargements, double-pane windows, skylights, satellite dishes). All requests for such approval must be in writing, sent to the management company, to the Attention of: Glen Architectural Control Committee.
Please use this Architectural Review Application

Lake Committee:  The purpose of the lake committee is to provide lake maintenance, help prevent erosion, and keep an aesthetic appearance of the lake banks.

Emergency Preparedness: The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Committee is to have a plan to help provide for optimal safety and care for residents within The Glen resulting from any disaster (such as earthquake, fire, flood, or blackout).
The Emergency Preparedness Survey form for residents to fill out is here. After it is filled out, return it to Liane at Regency Management.

Website: The purpose of the Website Committee is to maintain the records of The Glen including newsletters, minutes, financials, and legal documents.
The committee is chaired by Neil and Irina Shea.

Election Committee: The purpose of the election committee is to facilitate elections to the board of directors of The Glen of Pacific Grove in keeping with the laws of the State of California. The committee chair is the Election Inspector who is appointed by the board and facilitates nominations, distributes ballots, and collects returned ballots. The election committee members are recruited by the election inspector to count ballots. Results are presented at the annual meeting of the members. The current Election Inspector is Jackson Chih.

The reimbursement voucher is here.

This page last modified on May 19, 2023.