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Ask the Attorney August 27 2022
Davis Stirling Overview video

Fiduciary Duties

How to be a Good Director Beyond the Basics

The art of taking minutes

Berding Weil Basic Training Manual for Board Members

2020 Community Association Law Resource Book DIGITAL Version

2020 Davis Stirling Common Interest Development Act

Asphalt -  What the Paving Contractors Won't Tell You

Digital Document Imaging of Association Records

Disaster Preparedness in a Changing World

ECHO - Board Member Basics 2006

ECHO - Treasurer's Guide to Community Association Finances

Financial Fraud; Safeguarding Assets of Your Homeowners' Association

Geri Kennedy - Fighting Fraud

Predictions of the Future in an Uncertain Present ( about CIDs )
By Tyler P. Berding, J.D., PhD.

Gill - Advice to Self-Managed Associations

Helsing - The Importance of Maintenance Records

Helsing - Who Maintains What?

Helsing - Percent-Funded Calculations

Hendricks - Protecting the Associations Assets

Massingham - Zen and the Art of Rule Making

Muilenburg - Maintenance Painting for Community Interest Developments

Olsson - Deferred Maintenance, A Board Member's Experience

Orr - Anatomy of an Automated Irrigation System

Rankin - Financial Disclosures for CIDs 2006

Rossi & Treanor - Board Member Duties & Responsibilities

Sample Interview Checklist for Professionals

Top 15 Questions re Annual Meeting Balloting

Youngling - Associations Must Adopt Rules re Voting Procedures




Last updated; September 7, 2022