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Pictures from the 4th of July Picnic 2002

?, Bob Stevens, Shena Martin, Candy Pollock, Greta Harpham, Jack Rugar, Blanche Stevens, ?, Mimi Edwards, Diane Hardcastle, Wolfgang Haas, Jim Ray.

the setup

(left to right) Shirley Ray, Diane Hardcastle, Dorothy Adams, Chuck Adams, Greta Harpham, Glen Grossman, ?, Mimi Edwards, Connie Shelstad, Jack Rutherford, Wolfgang Haas, Blanche Stevens, Pat Bradley, Bob Stevens, Jack Rugar, Jim Ray.

small group

(left to right) Mrs. DeGalfy and mother, Mr. Mystery, Sandy Claus, Nancy Budd, Jim Ray's head.

lets eat

(front center, left to right) Diane Hardcastle, Greta Harpham, Mimi Edwards ( rear, left to right) Marcia Scala, Shirley Ray, Dorothy Adams, Chuck Adams, Glen Grossman

getting food

(front group, left to right) Pat Bradley, Jim Ray, Jack Rutherford, Wolfgang Haas, Blanche Stevens, Bob Stevens. (center) Diane Hardcastle (center rear) Connie Shelstad, Candy Pollock, Jeff Pollock (Right rear) Shirley Ray, Dorothy Adams.

lets eat

(left to right) Mrs. DeGalfey, Candy Pollock, Jeff Pollock, Blanche Stevens, Dan Pollock.

getting food

(left to right) Jim Ray, Pat Bradley, Mimi Edwards, Diane Hardcastle, Connie Shelstad, Jack Rutherford, Bob Stephens.

lets eat

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